Leah Messer

Leah Messer’s 16 & Pregnant Story

Leah Messer had only been dating Corey Simms for 1 month when she finds out she’s pregnant with twins.  When Leah is 6 months pregnant, she goes into pre-term labor and had to spend the remainder of her pregnancy on bed rest.  Leah moves in with Corey just before the babies are born.  After Aliannah (Ali) Hope Simms and Aleeah Grace Simmsare born, things become strained between Leah and Corey.  She starts partying and going out with her ex-boyfriend,Robbie, a lot, which upsets Corey.  They end up breakingup.  Several months later, Leah decides she wants Corey back and has a talk with him.  They get back together and were married on the season 2 finale of Teen Mom 2.  In the meantime, Ali is having health issues.  Her legs don’t appear to be developing properly, but after MRI’s and physical examinations, the doctors don’t seem overly concerned and say she will walk.

As for Leah and Corey, the honeymoon didn’t last long and they were divorced on June 21, 2011.


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